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How to Embrace Your Mixed Heritage: Lessons in Identity and Belonging for Dynamic Leaders

Let's talk about something that's close to my heart and maybe yours too – our personal identity jigsaw puzzles. My rollercoaster ride with mixed heritage? It's been quite the teacher, and I bet you've got your own tales of navigating tricky waters.

Growing Up: Caught Between Worlds

Remember those schoolyard chats? For me, they were a constant tug-of-war. “Too white” for some, “too black” for others. Ever felt stuck in the middle, just like that? And then, those jokes – “Mixed heritage folks belong in the ocean.” Ouch, right? It was rough, but it also got me thinking. We've all been there, haven't we? Straddling different worlds, trying to figure out where we fit.

That One Time with Nina

Let me tell you about this one day with Nina, my little one. I'm in the shower, she's in the bath, and suddenly, there's this splashfest. I rush over, and she's struggling a bit in the water. Watching her, I'm torn – step in or see if she figures it out? Eventually, I scoop her up, and man, that hug she gave me. In that moment, I was just 'Dad.' It hit me – in our families, in our work, we're a lot of things to a lot of people. Embracing all those roles, that's the real deal.

Marions and Lewises: Mixing It Up

So, the wife and I sometimes playfully argue if the kids are more 'Marions' or 'Lewises.' But here's the kicker – they're both, and that's awesome. It's like us, right? We're mixing up different parts of our lives, blending our professional and personal selves. It’s not just about being one or the other; it's about being all-in on everything we are.

From Mr. Tough Guy to Mr. Understanding

I used to be all about keeping a stiff upper lip. “Suck it up and get on with it,” that was my motto. But here's the thing – real strength? It's about knowing and showing your feelings. Getting to grips with my own story helped me see things in a new light. It's about being there, really there, for the people we care about.

Dad Life and Its Ups and Downs

Talking about emotional rollercoasters, let’s not forget those dad moments during pregnancy. It’s a whole different ball game for us, right? On the outside, we're keeping it smooth, but on the inside, it's non-stop action. We're thinking, planning, worrying. It's a side of us that doesn't always get the spotlight, but man, it's a big part of who we are.

Bringing It All Together

So, what’s the big picture? It’s simple – we're a mix, a blend of all sorts of stuff. Let's not box ourselves into one thing. We're leaders, dads, partners – the whole package. Embracing every bit of that? That's what makes us better at everything we do.

PS: Wanna Chat?

If this all rings a bell and you wanna dive deeper, or just chew the fat about it, hit me up. I’m at Let's figure out this wild ride together.


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