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Rethinking Collaboration: When the Teacher Preaches Scarcity

Ever been in a situation where a certain mindset just made you see red? I had one of those moments during a discussion about podcasting. Picture this: a room full of eager learners, soaking up every bit of wisdom about the podcasting world. And who’s leading this pack? The teacher himself. But here’s the kicker – he drops this bomb: “Never share your platform with others in your same niche. They’ll steal your authority.” Seriously? In a room brimming with aspiring talent, this was his gospel.

The Gender Divide in Business Mindsets

It’s interesting to note how men and women approach business differently. Generally, women are more inclined to share resources and connections, even mentors, more openly. But some men, like our teacher here, seem to cling to their assets with a dragon-like ferocity, believing it gives them a competitive edge.

Sports Analogies: Jordan vs. LeBron

This mindset takes me back to the sports world – the Michael Jordan and LeBron James eras, to be exact. Jordan kept his trainer under wraps, treating this exclusivity as his secret sauce to success. Fast forward to LeBron’s time, and it’s a whole new playbook. Athletes now share everything from agents to training routines, believing in collective elevation rather than solo flight.

The Scarcity Trap: A Community’s Downfall

Hearing this podcasting ‘guru’ advocate for resource hoarding hit a nerve. This scarcity mindset, this fear of losing authority by sharing, it doesn’t just limit individuals; it hampers entire communities. If you’re feeling boxed in by this way of thinking, or if you’re just tired of competition trumping collaboration, I’m here to talk.

Embracing Abundance and Community Growth

Reach out, DM me. Let’s discuss shifting from a mindset of scarcity to one of abundance. Let’s draw inspiration from the LeBron era of collaboration and mutual growth. It’s time we reject the outdated notion of going it alone and start building success through shared strength and resources.


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