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Chris Crump

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In life, business, and personal development, the challenges men face can be unique. my approach is tailored coaching program addresses these specific needs, guiding you toward new heights of success and fulfillment.

There's a WAR for your Kingdom at stake, you know it, I know it. Take this first step and let's map it out.

Finding a supportive community can help you recalibrate your priorities and build a life that nurtures both professional success and meaningful family connections.

Why am I the one to lead, because I’ve been in the pit, I’ve messed up MANY times, and got back up each time, recalibrated got the support, the coaching, got better and I live it DAILY!

If things are not great, STOP thinking you’re going to figure it out alone if you could you would not be there. Put the ego aside, and reach out and get support. Schedule your WAR MAP today!

Here's Your Next Steps...

  • Step #1: Watch the Video Above Walking You Through the three paths 30-Days HAVE-IT-ALL KICKSTART, COUNCIL, or 1:1

  • Step #2: Armed with the Knowledge of HOW the path Will Help You Accelerate Your Results, Make Your Decision.

  • Step #3: Take Immediate Action.

Pick Your Path



  • 30 Days Kickstart

  • Weekly Training 

  • Stack and Core 4 App

  • R.A.IN Curriculum

  • Kickstart Tribe Unit

BONUS: Complimentary War Map call with Julien



  • 30 Days Kickstart

  • Weekly Council Training & Coaching

  • Monthly "Workshops"

  • Monthly Masterminds

  • Warrior App

  • R.A.IN Curriculum

  • Warrior Curriculum

  • Council Tribe Unit

BONUS: Complimentary War Map call with Julien


One on One
(3 LEFT for 2024)

  • Custom

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