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Give What You’re Seeking


In today's lesson from the stack, the insight is powerful yet simple: Give what you’re seeking, and it will come back BIGGER. Whether it's love, respect, affirmation, money, or support—whatever you need, give it freely.


This principle is crucial because it shifts our focus from scarcity to abundance. By giving what we seek, we align ourselves with the flow of generosity and create a ripple effect of positive energy. This practice is transformative not only for the giver but also for the receiver, fostering a culture of kindness and reciprocity.


Every day within the stack, I receive new insights and guidance directly from God. One of the most impactful lessons is understanding the power of giving. When you give what you desire, you open yourself up to receiving it in even greater measure. It’s a divine principle that goes beyond simple reciprocity—it's about trusting that what you put out into the world will return to you, multiplied.

For instance, if you seek love and affirmation, start by giving it to those around you. Compliment your spouse, affirm your children, and show genuine appreciation to your colleagues. If you're looking for financial support or opportunities, be generous with your resources and time. This act of giving not only enriches others but also expands your capacity to receive.


As a married entrepreneur with kids, balancing the demands of family and business can be overwhelming. But by incorporating this principle into your daily life, you can create a more harmonious and fulfilling environment. If you’re curious about experiencing these revelations for yourself and want to explore how to implement this mindset, reach out and stop playing small. Let’s connect and grow together.


This post serves as an invitation to embrace the power of giving and witness the profound impact it can have on your life and those around you. If you're ready to explore this journey and transform your approach to fatherhood, entrepreneurship, and personal growth, let's connect and make it happen.


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