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I'm Julien, a husband, father of six incredible children, and an entrepreneur driven by a mission to inspire and connect. My mixed heritage and experiences living in Africa, Europe, and now the U.S. have shaped a unique perspective on diversity and inclusion, turning differences into connections.

Together with my wife, we founded Move Dance Family, one of Texas's top-ranked dance studios. With over a decade in operation, we've ignited a passion for dance in over 400 hearts, establishing a legacy of excellence, creativity, and community. Our studio's longstanding reputation has made it a beacon for dancers of all ages and backgrounds, nurturing talents and dreams. I also took on the leadership of "More Than Dancers," enhancing an online platform where dancers can grow, thrive, and connect across diverse experiences.

Born in the Congo and forced to flee war at age 12, my journey from Belgium to the USA on a basketball scholarship is a testament to resilience. Even after serious sports injuries, I earned an MBA, discovered a passion for entrepreneurship, and became a voice of leadership and community building. As a college professor, podcast host, and entrepreneur, I've shared wisdom on resourcefulness, innovation, and connection.

Alongside my loving wife, Mallorie, we turned a dream into reality with Move Dance Family. My story extends as an author, an emerging speaker, and a transformative life coach. My multicultural background and immigrant experience in the U.S. have equipped me with unique insights into success, empowerment, and the human spirit's incredible potential.

Are you seeking inspiration, courage, and innovation backed by a rich tapestry of diverse experiences? Interested in hearing a voice that has lived success across continents? Engage me for a speaking event or coaching session, and allow my unique journey and insights to fuel your ambitions. I'm here to help you discover the extraordinary within, going "Relentlessly All In" to empower your goals. Whether it's inspiring a crowd or transforming personal lives, let's take the first step together towards a life with no boundaries. Connect with me Today!

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My mission is clear and resolute: to awaken men and guide them towards a lifestyle of complete fulfillment - 'The Have-It-All Lifestyle.' By being relentlessly all-in in every aspect of their lives - family, business, connection to God, and physical well-being.


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