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Stop Using Your Wife and Kids as a Shield


Ever find yourself hiding behind the excuse of “family obligations” to avoid facing your fears or chasing your dreams? It’s a common trap. We tell ourselves we’re doing it for them, but really, we’re just too scared to step out of our comfort zone.


Using your wife and kids as a shield not only holds you back but also sets a limiting example for them. When you avoid taking risks and facing challenges, you’re teaching them to do the same. Your family needs to see you pursue your passions with courage and conviction. That’s how you truly lead and inspire them.


The problem with using family obligations as an excuse is that it becomes a barrier to your own growth and potential. By stepping out of your comfort zone and facing your fears, you show your family that it’s possible to overcome obstacles and achieve great things. This not only benefits you but also sets a powerful example for your children, teaching them resilience and bravery.


If you’re ready to stop hiding and start leading, let’s talk. Together, we can break through those barriers and build a life that’s genuinely fulfilling for you and your family. Remember, leading by example is the most powerful way to inspire your family to dream big and chase their own goals.

Every day within the stack, I receive new insights and guidance directly from God. If you’re curious about experiencing these revelations for yourself, feel free to reach out to me. Let’s work together to transform your approach to leadership and family life.

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