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Helping College Coaches Keep Their Home Game Strong

Hey everyone,

I’m diving into something close to my heart. It’s about college coaches and the tough spot they’re in. They’ve got big goals, like winning games and shaping future sports stars, but sometimes, their families get less time because of all that pressure.

Learning from Life as an Athlete

My time as an athlete showed me the whole spectrum of emotions we go through—the good, the bad, and everything in between. Coaches have to deal with this emotional rollercoaster too, not just for themselves but for their teams. And at the same time, they’re trying to be there for their families. It’s a lot.

Balancing Act

Balancing coaching with family life is super tough. How do you make sure you’re there for your team and also home in time for those important family moments? It’s like being pulled in every direction, and it’s easy for both sides to feel like they’re not getting enough of you.

The Impact

When the balance tips too much one way, families can start feeling left out, and players might feel used. This isn’t good for anyone. But here’s something even bigger: some athletes come from tough home situations. Their years playing can end up leaving them more damaged than when they started. And guess what? Some of these players become coaches, and the cycle just keeps on spinning.

Making a Change

That’s why I’m stepping up. I want to help break this cycle. It’s about showing that you can be an amazing coach and still have quality time with your family. You can care for your players and help them grow, not just as athletes but as people who are well-rounded and happy.

Join Me

If this strikes a chord with you, if you’re a coach trying to find that balance, or if you know someone who is, let’s talk. It’s time to change the game, making sure coaches, their families, and their players all come out winners.

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