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Be in His Presence


Be in His presence, ask for guidance, and trust the nudge that follows.

These simple yet profound steps can transform how we navigate the complexities of life as married entrepreneurs and fathers.


Balancing the demands of a business, a family, and a personal spiritual journey can feel overwhelming.

It’s easy to get lost in the chaos and lose sight of what truly matters. By being in His presence, we ground ourselves in a higher purpose.

Asking for guidance opens us to divine wisdom, and trusting the nudge that follows ensures we move in alignment with that wisdom.


As a father of six and an entrepreneur, I’ve learned that these moments of connection with God are crucial.

They provide clarity and direction when juggling multiple roles.

In my daily stack, I often receive insights and guidance that help me navigate the challenges of entrepreneurship and fatherhood.

It’s not just about being present physically but also spiritually, creating a foundation of strength and purpose for myself and my family.


If you’re a married entrepreneur with kids and finding it hard to balance everything, take a moment to be in His presence. Ask for guidance and then trust the nudge that follows.

It can make all the difference in how you lead your business and your family.

Every day within the stack, I receive new insights and guidance directly from God.

If you’re curious about experiencing these revelations for yourself, reach out to me. Together, we can explore how to integrate these principles into your life and find a balance that honors both your family and your ambitions.

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